Transgender vs. Transsexual


First Things First

I dislike having to make content concerning this topic here or on my YouTube channel.  This is for a few reasons but the main one is I think it is a topic that is beat to fuck.  There are literally hundreds of YouTube creators, bloggers, and writers that will talk endlessly about this topic and I genuinely think I’m not going to add anything significant to it.  The second reason I dislike talking about this kinda stuff is because the topic is so fucking toxic. Why it is toxic I’ll get into in another blog specifically and I’ll touch on it a bit here, but I’ll just boil it down to transgender politics.  The third reason I dislike talking about this is because it isn’t central or even part of my own individual politic.

With that out of the way, I’m still going to talk about it.  Why? Because I get asked about it all the time.  I think it has to do with the fact that I’m not your run-of-the-mill transsexual being right-wing, pro-life, western chauvinist, and Nationalist.  As if treating a mental disorder is in someway in conflict with any of that.  Gender Dysphoria is many things, but it isn’t inherently political.

The Transgender


(DSM-V PG. 451)

There’s this phenomenon going on YouTube, Reddit, 4chan, and Twitter–basically anywhere I visit as far a social media goes–that has this idea of ‘transtrender’ to describe what I’m about to talk about.  I don’t use the term ‘transtrender’ because I think transgender is accurate enough.  We have a lot to cover and not a lot of column space to cover it so let’s dig in.

Transgender has become a politic.  At some point in it’s history it probably did have a great deal to do with issues that transsexuals faced but has since morphed into a set of political beliefs. These beliefs play out something like this:

  • Gender is a social construct.
  • If gender is a social construct:
    • You can be any gender you want.
    • You can express this gender any way you want.
    • Your gender can be fluid.
    • If your gender is fluid:
      • You can change your gender as you see fit.
  • If you disagree with this:
    • You are transphobic.
    • You are pushing the White Supremacist-capitalist-monotheistic-patriarchy

If you understand this formula, you will begin to understand the larger transgender phenomenon. Since 99% of the shit they come up with has no medical basis social constructionists had to piggy back off of Gender Dysphoria and the DSM-V.   Which has caused a great deal of confusion among the population.  This has been a harsh criticism of mine because a discussion should be had on transsexuality but is constantly obfuscated by these social constructionists.  They’ve done such a great job that those who want to have this important conversation are often talking past each other.


This is a classic example of what I’m talking about. Please DO NOT contact these people, I’m merely using them as an example. Nick here said what he said because of the constant stream of horseshit swirling around the Internet. Transgenderism and even Transsexualism are not mental disorders, but Gender Dysphoria is. Transsexualism is the result of someone treating Gender Dysphoria with transitional medicine and Transgenderism is political horseshit.

I keep saying that transgender is political and I’m not really quantifying what I’m talking about. Take for example professional feminist Marina Watanabee. She has come out as non-binary or enby. Let’s talk about this coming out of hers.

She hasn’t transitioned, will not transition, doesn’t have diagnosed Gender Dysphoria. However she will run around calling herself transgender. She means this in a political sense. The transgender movement at some point became hijacked by Feminism. I mean it was easy pickings for Feminism. Here you had a bunch of transsexuals actively trying to change their sex which Feminism looked at as challenging gendered stereotypes in their intersectional world-view.  Then it became heightened when a lot of transsexuals had great success in their transitions long before Caitlyn Jenner came along.

For Marina and countless other transgenders the movement is about challenging patriarchal stereotypes, it’s about challenging the status quo, it is about politics rather than an innate sense of self. Now that she is non-binary she gets to be higher on the Oppression Totem Pole and call people transphobes.  While getting the support of lots of feminist academics.

Welcome to my struggle.

The Transsexual


(DSM-V PG. 451)

This section is going to be relatively short. I mean it doesn’t have all the interesting political bits. Transsexuals are ultimately people who have a neurological and psychopathological condition called Gender Dysphoria AND who are treating it with transitional medicine.  It is important to note that one can have Gender Dysphoria and not be a transsexual.  These individuals have found some other method of dealing with their Gender Dysphoria or have refused to deal with it.

It is important to note that this does not stem from a social constructionist view of gender. The DSM-V points this out:


(DSM-V PG.451)

Pay attention to the “In contrast to certain social constructionist theories” bit, what social constructionist theories? Oh right, Feminism. That right there is the politically correct way to give intersectional feminism the bird.


Transsexual Separatism

I’ve long argued that transsexuals need to separate themselves from the larger transgender movement. We have a multitude of issues that need to be separated from the Social Constructionists so they can be talked about in a way that doesn’t devolve into these idiotic “I identify as” arguments as we transsexuals have a clinical problem, not an identity problem.


(DSM-V PG.451)

Right now there are transgender groups actively seeking to remove Gender Dysphoria from the DSM-V and the ICD.  Not for any medical reason, but because they don’t like having a mental disorder. So the solution is to get it out of the DSM.  I cannot stress enough how damaging this would be to transsexuals. This would cause thousands of transsexuals in the US to lose their care as our condition would no longer have medical viability. Globally with the ICD it would put millions of transsexuals at risk.

This is the group of idiots I’m supposed to align myself with? People who are actively seeking to fuck my life up even if it isn’t their intention? All because being called mentally ill makes them feel bad? Get the fuck outta here with that shit.


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5 thoughts on “Transgender vs. Transsexual”

  1. This is also the group of idiots who are agitating for immediate medical treatment of GD with no other options explored in gender questioning kids – actually no therapeutic options to even assess whether GD is even present. They’re also destroying clarity of language so that we can’t even talk properly about what’s going on. As you say, the eventual fall-out will be disastrous for transsexuals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will tell anyone to try anything and everything before transition. It is akin to leaving Earth to live on Mars, you had better be prepared. I am not an advocate of immediate transition and I would STRONGLY, even SUPER-STRONGLY, advise of alternate treatment before transitional medicine. I tried literally everything before transition. It didn’t work. I’ll be the first in line to tell whomever is considering the process that it isn’t fun. Everything about it sucks. It just sucks less than the alternative. If you are at that point, then transition, else wise use a different method.


      1. I can only imagine. My only real life contact with any of this comes in the form of a couple of transsexual friends I have known since the 90s. One is as active and angry about today’s environment as you are and the other one just wants to live a quiet, nobody-notice-me life away from politics. Being valorised is their worst nightmare. I don’t think you and I share politics – I’m way out there on the left, but not THIS left. And I’m spitting tacks over a political consensus that is all about medicalising vulnerable kids regardless of proper diagnostics and risks.


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